Friday, January 28, 2011

RIP Brownie

Yesterday evening our faithful cat died.  Brownie ran out in front of me while I was pulling into the garage.  She died quickly so did not suffer.  We did bury her right away in one of her favorite shady spots.  Addie is having a rough time (both girls were with me). Brownie found us after we had been here in Michigan only a few months.  Addie had grown extremely close to her over the 4 years she stayed with us. 

Rest in Peace

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Birthday Party Time!

What a party!  Margaret's big Princess and Knight party was a hit.  It seemed like everyone had fun including the birthday girl.  Here are some cute photos from the party. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Margaret's Birthday

Margaret turned 3 yesterday.  She had a great birthday full of fun.  She started the day out by asking to eat pink ice cream for breakfast.  I did give in and let her have a super tiny bit of it.  Then she asked for pancakes which I happily made for her.  She got to open one present at breakfast to help her make it the whole day.  She loved the princess dresses and spend most of her day wearing the one and carrying a barbie that has a similar dress on.  She had a blast helping make her own cake and was devastated when I asked her to play while I decorated it so that it would be a surprise. 

We spent most of the day playing and talking to well wishers on the phone.  She was quite popular yesterday.  She loved the cake and ice cream after dinner as well as opening her presents.  We spent the rest of the evening playing her new game that she loves 'Don't tip the Waiter'.  Surprisingly she went to bed without any issues and fell asleep fast.  I guess she wore herself out.

Today she has been busy playing with her new toys, playing her game with mom all while dressed as a monkey and whining about Addie and daddy being gone.  She did try to get me to give her ice cream for breakfast again which lead to compromise of oatmeal.  Life is back to normal :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Blog Maintenance

After several years with the same blogger template, I decided it was time for a blog face lift.  Let me know what you think!  If you notice any glitches on your end speak up so I can get them fixed.

Thanks! Emily

Can't snow us in!

The snow might be falling here in Michigan but it sure didn't slow us down this past week.  Here is a little taste of some of our activities.

Margaret enjoyed a morning at the local children's museum.  Her favorite areas there are the vet station, and the farm area.  She is all about the animals! And yes, that is something on her face in the one picture.  She visited the face painting area and did it herself.

Addie and her best friend Moira each received a gift certificate from Santa for an American Girl overnight adventure at Silver Beach Center.  They brought their dolls, pjs and sleeping bags, but I think that their was not much sleeping going on as tired as she was the next day.  They had a blast enjoying carousal riding, curious kids zone, making picture frames and bracelets, and before bedtime they got to watch the Kit movie.  They had a blast and woke up to almost being trapped there because of the snow!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?  No, it's super Margie!!!  While Addie was gone Margaret worked on her power to fly.  As you can see she loves flying.

As I said earlier, Addie was almost stranded at her overnighter because of the snow. When we went to bed it was just starting to snow, when we woke up we had at least 4- 5 inches.  It has been snowing ever since and the 10 forecast doesn't  show any breaks either! I think that as of last night when we went to bed we were up to 12 inches.  Some places have a lot more the farther you go inland.  When I drove Addie to her ski lessons I saw several vehicles in ditches including one truck that all I could see was a little sliver of the window and a dug out section of the tail light as well.  It looked like someone dug the poor person out!

Addie also received a gift certificate for two free all day kid ski lessons at a local ski lodge.  On Sunday I took her lesson of the year.  By lunch break she had reached her goal of passing the test to move from the bunny hill to the intermidate hills and most importantly, the ski lift.  She spent her afternoon mastering the big hills and the ski lift.  She never fell while getting off the lift and by the end of the day she almost never fell while skiing down the bigger hills.  The only problem (in her eyes), is that the day came to an end. She had such a great time she can't wait to hit the slopes again.  The plan that I'll take her again on this Saturday.  At the rate she is going she just might reach her goal of being a ski jumper by the time she is in high school.  That will keep me busy praying and really hope that her guardian angel does have wings! He needs them to keep up with this ski chic.  That's all for this week!